8th of June 2016

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Fehmarn Link Business Conference '16

08th June 2016 in Holeby, Lolland, Denmark

Explore new business opportunities

The Fehmarn Link Business Conference focuses on business opportunities arising from the upstart of the construction of the Fehmarn railway projects and the processes leading to the expected upstart of the Fixed Fehmarn Link in 2018 or 2019.

The Fehmarn Link Business Conference will bring together representatives from: 

  • Femern A/S and Banedanmark – both representing the building owners
  • Femern Link Contractors  – representing the winning consortia on the Tunnel North/South, Tunnel Portal and Ramps (TUN/TUS, TPR)
  • Fehmarn Belt Contractors – representing the winning consortia on Tunnel Dredging and Reclamation (TDR)
  • MT Højgaard – the contract winner of renewal or replacement of 52 railway bridges on Zealand, Lolland and Falster
  • MJ Eriksson – the contract winner of railway embankments and connected earth-works on the upgrading of the Ringsted-Fehmarn railway at Zealand and Falster

Participating companies will be provided with the latest information on the Fehmarn Belt project from both building owners and the winning contractors, while having the opportunities to explore new business opportunities at the mingling and networking sessions during the programme. Thus being able to establish the necessary contacts in order to become a subcontractor now or in the future.

Reason to participate

4th March 2016 the parliamentary coalition behind the Fehmarn Belt project in Folketinget, decided to continue the process regarding the Fixed Fehmarn Belt Link connecting Denmark with Germany in 2026. This decision allows:

  • Femern A/S to sign conditional contracts with the winning consortia before 15th May 2016 on the Fixed Fehmarn Belt Link, and
  • A/S Femern Landanlæg to start the process of building new railway lines from Ringsted to Nykøbing Falster, with works commencing autumn 2016.

European companies interested in exploring the opportunities to become a subcontractor to the upstarting railway-projects and the upcoming construction works on the Fehmarn Belt Tunnel will have the opportunity, for the first time, to meet the winning consortia and the appointed railway contractors.

When you register for the conference it is possible to order a business stand. Businesses who are registered for a business stand at the B2B part of the conference can promote themselves on the website. You can contact them to prepare for a meeting when you attend the conference. See the businesses who have registered under the B2B.


Factory Lodge, Fabriksvej 2, 4960 Holeby, Denmark


Partners behind the Fehmarn Link Business Conference '16:

IHK Schleswig-Holstein, IHK zu Schwerin, Dansk Industri, Dansk Erhverv, Dansk Byggeri, FehmarnBelt Business Council, The European Commission, and Femern Belt Development